Our Services

We envision a world in which every person can fulfill their need for travel. A world where you can easily visit family and friends, commute to school and work, and explore the world. As humans, we have the urge to explore. When traveling by bike, you can be closer to the people you love. You can also discover more about yourself and the world around you. By empowering travelers through various Rent a Bike services, we aim to create a more accessible world for everyone.

Bike rental

We offer bike rentals so you can ride the famous American bicycle trails or roll across your favorite sandy shores, such as Wrightsville Beach and Figure Eight Island. We’ll even deliver and pick up your rental bikes, so you can spend more time cruising!

Guided tours

Tourists who want to cycle with a guide can join a daily bike ride through the most renowned cities, organized by our guides. They will show the most spectacular and breathtaking sights, and give historical and recent information about the city and beyond.

Public bikes for your needs

We offer a unique oportunity to make the city a cleaner and more pleasant place. On the basis of the Public Bike partner program, hotels, museums, businesses, festivals and events agencies can make one of our bicycles available to their customers and staff.